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27 Jul

Charles Watson and Rebecca Taylor, better known in the music world as Slow Club, deliver an earnest, deeply soulful, and retro track with “Not Mine To Love.”

Taylor’s vocals are the star of the track, dripping with power and tenderness, giving the tune a fine balance. Somewhere between pop ballad (Think Dusty Springfield’s cover of “Tupelo Honey,”) and country songstress conveying her blues (Dolly Parton’s “I Will Always Love You”) there is Slow Club.

With crashing percussion and detailed electric guitar wailing in the background, Taylor is allowed to shine while Watson backs her up later in the song. What starts off as an almost bare instrumental escalates as “Not Mine To Love” progresses, all leading up to the final round of the chorus.

There’s no mistaking the throwback element to the song, especially when Taylor vocally riffs on the chorus, harkening back to female driven tunes from the 60s.

This song is yours to love.

Discography: Yeah So (2009), Paradise (2011), Complete Surrender (2014).

Official Website:


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