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Say Goodbye To Summer

31 Aug

With steel guitars, giving off a tropical vibe throughout, “Summer is Over” by Dent May is the best way to part ways with the warm days and sunshine.

A slow beat, with a jangly percussion, the tune airs on the bouncier side of The Beach Boys ballad “Surfer Girl” and falls more in line with “Kiss Me, Baby.” The slightly echoed effect on May’s voice in the chorus lingers on like summer fighting against the fall, again reaching into Beach Boys territory.

The lyrics match the laid back instrumentation, focusing on what is left behind in the summer, but also what there is to look forward to in the colder months.

When May sings “Summer is over, I can’t believe it’s gone,” I am positive many listeners will be agreeing along with him. And while he notes that the colder it gets the more lonely he becomes, his resolve to not let the winter blues get to him gives off a hopeful and positive vibe.

Summer is a hard season to say goodbye to for many, so if you need the perfect transition song to get you through the fall and winter, look no further than “Summer is Over.” With its wistful lyrics and hazy, slow building tempo, it will help listeners give summer the proper goodbye.

The Good Feeling Music of Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele (2009)
Do Things (2012)
Warm Blanket (2013)

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You and I and James Skelly

24 Aug

Incredibly romantic and flat out retro, James Skelly and The Intenders “You and I” is without a doubt the modern day version of The Drifters “Save The Last Dance For Me.”

The two share closely sounding background melodies, with clinking percussion and playful guitar rhythms. Interchange the lyrics with The Drifter’s tune and vice versa and one can see how they perfectly relate to one another.

But this is not in any way a rip off. Skelly’s voice cuts like a razor through the lush lyrics, growling his way through the gush worthy sentiments. There’s an edge here that you won’t find in “Save The Last Dance.” In fact it is the grit in Skelly’s voice that ultimately sets “You and I” apart from more safe and clean ballads of the of decades past

So grab a partner and slow dance your way into the perfect moment.

Discography: Love Undercover (2013).

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Everything’s Coming up Rosebuds

17 Aug

“Blue Eyes” by The Rosebuds is a bouncy alternative pop song that sounds like the distant cousin of “Flowers on the Wall” by The Statler Brothers and “Randy Scouse Git” by The Monkees.

Underneath its punchy melody lies a dark undertone, not only brought upon by the lyrics, but by a plunging vocal performance brought to light by Ivan Howard similarly to The Statler Brothers and Micky Dolenz.

The chorus lifts up the heaviness of the tune just a tad with gushing waves of harmonies, but it quickly fades with the gloomy and poetic lyrics of the verses such as “You’re hanging your clothes on the larger evening sun/But I’m wondering when neglected/At your distant stroller arms.”

The shades of grey in the song are blurred by the pop sound and the dreary writings, which is bound to hit close to home to many listeners.

A song about life. A song about people. A song that isn’t what seems. A song released in 2014 with a retro feel.

What more could you want it a tune?

The Rosebuds Make Out (2003)
Birds Make Good Neighbors ( 2005)
Night of the Furies (2007)
Sweet Beats, Troubled Sleep (2008)
Life Like (2008)
The Rosebuds Live at the Cats Cradle (2008)
Loud Planes Fly Low (2011)
Love Deluxe, (2012)
Christmas Tree (2012)
Sand+Silence (2014)

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Alvvays The Right Choice

10 Aug

“Archie, Marry Me,” is a melancholy song about a relationship that seems to be at a standstill, neither partner agreeing on their future together. But it is brilliantly masked in light and airy vocals by lead singer Molly Rankin whose pleadings do not seem whiny, but simply earnest feelings.

“You’ve expressed explicitly your contempt for matrimony,” Molly Rankin sings, with a soft but strong yearning.
In a way it is kind of a backwards take on 60’s hit “Hey Paula,” by Paul and Paula. While the duet features a couple who are both completely in love and cannot wait to marry each other, here in “Archie, Marry Me,” only the lead singer is ready to commit.

Rankin’s soothing voice even sits in the same range as Jill Jackson (aka Paula). And while we get both thoughts of the man and woman in “Hey Paula” through both Paul and Paula, Alvvays does the same but only through what Rankin tells us.

Like other modern counterparts such as Tennis as Best Coast, Alvvays combines a retro sound through unforgettable, timeless vocals, and breezy melodies, with modern electric guitar riffs and soul reaching lyrics.

Discography: Alvvays (2014).

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Give Your Love To The Hosts

3 Aug

Right from the start, with its energetic bursts of jingle and borderline synth pop, The Hosts “Give Your Love To Her,” makes a retro statement. But when lead singer Curtis Stoutenburg starts to sing, one is immediately taken back to a different era: 70’s power pop.

The Raspberries “Go All The Way,” comes to mind as each are approached and delivered with vim and vigor . The tune also lends itself to stadium anthem levels, like U2’s “Sunday Bloody Sunday.” And it’s that mix of 70’s and 80’s alternative pop that gives “Give Your Love To Her” a wholly timeless feel.

It may be hard for some listeners to believe that the song was released in this day and age, but it is not simply a copycat of other bands gone by. There is uniqueness in Stoutenburg’s voice, in his inflections, and his range which are heard throughout the track.

Listening to the tune is bound to put a smile on just about anyone’s face, with its bouncing melody and smitten lyrics. So, show The Hosts some love and go on a journey with “Give Your Love To Her.” You won’t want it to ever end.

Discography: Softly, Softly (2014).

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