Alvvays The Right Choice

10 Aug

“Archie, Marry Me,” is a melancholy song about a relationship that seems to be at a standstill, neither partner agreeing on their future together. But it is brilliantly masked in light and airy vocals by lead singer Molly Rankin whose pleadings do not seem whiny, but simply earnest feelings.

“You’ve expressed explicitly your contempt for matrimony,” Molly Rankin sings, with a soft but strong yearning.
In a way it is kind of a backwards take on 60’s hit “Hey Paula,” by Paul and Paula. While the duet features a couple who are both completely in love and cannot wait to marry each other, here in “Archie, Marry Me,” only the lead singer is ready to commit.

Rankin’s soothing voice even sits in the same range as Jill Jackson (aka Paula). And while we get both thoughts of the man and woman in “Hey Paula” through both Paul and Paula, Alvvays does the same but only through what Rankin tells us.

Like other modern counterparts such as Tennis as Best Coast, Alvvays combines a retro sound through unforgettable, timeless vocals, and breezy melodies, with modern electric guitar riffs and soul reaching lyrics.

Discography: Alvvays (2014).

Official Website:


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