Everything’s Coming up Rosebuds

17 Aug

“Blue Eyes” by The Rosebuds is a bouncy alternative pop song that sounds like the distant cousin of “Flowers on the Wall” by The Statler Brothers and “Randy Scouse Git” by The Monkees.

Underneath its punchy melody lies a dark undertone, not only brought upon by the lyrics, but by a plunging vocal performance brought to light by Ivan Howard similarly to The Statler Brothers and Micky Dolenz.

The chorus lifts up the heaviness of the tune just a tad with gushing waves of harmonies, but it quickly fades with the gloomy and poetic lyrics of the verses such as “You’re hanging your clothes on the larger evening sun/But I’m wondering when neglected/At your distant stroller arms.”

The shades of grey in the song are blurred by the pop sound and the dreary writings, which is bound to hit close to home to many listeners.

A song about life. A song about people. A song that isn’t what seems. A song released in 2014 with a retro feel.

What more could you want it a tune?

The Rosebuds Make Out (2003)
Birds Make Good Neighbors ( 2005)
Night of the Furies (2007)
Sweet Beats, Troubled Sleep (2008)
Life Like (2008)
The Rosebuds Live at the Cats Cradle (2008)
Loud Planes Fly Low (2011)
Love Deluxe, (2012)
Christmas Tree (2012)
Sand+Silence (2014)

Official Website: http://www.therosebuds.com


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