Say Goodbye To Summer

31 Aug

With steel guitars, giving off a tropical vibe throughout, “Summer is Over” by Dent May is the best way to part ways with the warm days and sunshine.

A slow beat, with a jangly percussion, the tune airs on the bouncier side of The Beach Boys ballad “Surfer Girl” and falls more in line with “Kiss Me, Baby.” The slightly echoed effect on May’s voice in the chorus lingers on like summer fighting against the fall, again reaching into Beach Boys territory.

The lyrics match the laid back instrumentation, focusing on what is left behind in the summer, but also what there is to look forward to in the colder months.

When May sings “Summer is over, I can’t believe it’s gone,” I am positive many listeners will be agreeing along with him. And while he notes that the colder it gets the more lonely he becomes, his resolve to not let the winter blues get to him gives off a hopeful and positive vibe.

Summer is a hard season to say goodbye to for many, so if you need the perfect transition song to get you through the fall and winter, look no further than “Summer is Over.” With its wistful lyrics and hazy, slow building tempo, it will help listeners give summer the proper goodbye.

The Good Feeling Music of Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele (2009)
Do Things (2012)
Warm Blanket (2013)

Official Website:

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