Take More Than A Glimpse Of Vacationer

7 Sep

“Glimpse” by Vacationer, with it’s laid back chill vibe, comes across as a mix between 60’s hit “Groovin” by The Young Rascals, the almost Caribbean vibe of many Young The Giant songs, and the vocal soul of Mayer Hawthorne.

What starts off as a trance like instrumental filled with strings and the subtle scratch of a record being played on a turntable, turns into a tune that truly makes one feel like they are on the beach sitting underneath a palm tree.

Relaxing, and full of urban soul, lead singer Kenny Vasoli eases listeners into the track, his voice gliding like a sailboat on calm waters. It also lends to the retro vibe of the song, digging into Eddie Brigati territory while bringing his own rendition of afternoon delight.

Perfect for an sweltering Indian summer, get ready to drift away.

Gone (LP) – 2012
Trip Remixes EP – 2012
Good as New Remixes EP – 2013
Ode 2 Summer Mixtape – 2014
Relief – 2014

Official Website: http://www.vacationermusic.com


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