Travel to the 1920’s with Woodenbox. No Lie!

14 Sep

“King’s Liar” by Woodenbox is a full and rich tune that blends Gatsby-esque 1920’s jazz components with modernity. A truly rare retro inspired song to come across.

There is lots of vivid instrumentation here, the horn and keyboard section standing out the most, evoking memories of Irving Berlin’s 1920’s classic “Puttin on The Ritz.” You may be familiar with Frank Sinatra or with Taco’s 1983 version. But no matter which incarnation you know, Woodenbox conjures up images of flapper girls and decadency.

But while the menagerie of instruments bring forth retro elements, the vocals keep the song current, channeling the alternative front men
of Panic at the Disco and Fall Out Boy. But make no mistake, this combination of jazz age alternative is new and imaginative.

“King’s Liar” is the embodiment of Today’s Retro. And that’s the truth.

Discography: Woodenbox With a Fistful of Fivers (2010), End Game (2013)

Official Website:


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