Nicole Atkins Is The Way To Musical Fulfillment.

28 Sep

Neptune, New Jersey native Nicole Atkins has released three albums and countless E.P’s, but it is “The Way It Is” on her 2007 debut Neptune City that is the defining moment in her talents as a singer songwriter.

A powerful ballad wrapped up in a cloud of lush and haunting vocals, the tune harkens back to statement making, true slow tempo songs made for singers who could belt notes but still emote shades of emotion. Think of Dusty Springfield’s “You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me” with the vocal tone of Mama Cass a la “Dream a Little Dream of Me.”

Atkins has even covered the above mentioned song on an E.P. entitled Nicole Atkins Digs Other People’s Songs. But it is on her own creations that she shines the most.

With a dark and heartbroken slightly sultry drawl, Atkins delivers a strong and heart tugging torch song that could easily be sung by the likes of more popular throwback artists such as Lana Del Rey.Nuanced and commanding at the same time Atkins makes you feel her pain through her vocal performance alone.

While her other songs may be more catchy and experimental, especially as Atkins evolves as an artist, “The Way It Is” serves a domineering reminder of the songstress inside. Not afraid to give it her all, Atkins displays her heart served raw to an audience that may not be familiar with the concept of torch songs.

Made famous in the 1920’s it takes a fully committed artist with superb vocal chops to sing a torch song as well as Atkins. And while that is not predominately what she is known for, “The Way It Is” in all its retro inspired glory is just the track that makes one sit up from an otherwise good album and notice its greatness.

2007: Neptune City
2011: Mondo Amore
2014: Slow Phaser

Official Website:


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