How Can You Really Not Love Foxygen

5 Oct

Indie rock band Foxygen, who are known for psychedelic sound, make no apologies for their lo-fi sound in “How Can You Really” off of their third soon to be released studio album “. . . And Star Power.” In fact, the way that Foxygen embraces their late ‘60s/early 70’s sound is what makes them so unabashedly modern.

“How Can You Really” is a hazier version of Todd Rundgren’s 1972 power pop hit “I Saw the Light” with lead singer Sam France delivering delicate yet blurrier vocals than Rudgren. The lightness of the song comes through on the intro which carries itself into the melody, hitting on mellow tones, never steering itself too far into the dark, despite lyrics that suggest otherwise.

At nearly the three minute mark the tune commits an act that is all too rarely heard in music today: A good guitar solo. Ok, there are other instruments at play, but it is the guitar that appears to be having its moment of glory. Let me be clear, It’s not that these instrumental breaks don’t happen in other current groups, it’s just that it is becoming a more rare art form and Foxygen wants to make sure nobody forgets its importance in a song. It may only last around ten seconds, but it is enough to make an impression on listeners.

As a complete package “How Can You Really” is a great leading single and puts its stamp on retro rock in 2014

Discography: Take the Kids Off Broadway (2012), We are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic (2013), … “And Star Power (2014)

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