Excellent Ezra

12 Oct

Whether solo, playing with The Harpoons or with the Boy-Friends, Ezra Furman excels at writing and performing compelling throwback tunes evocative of legends such as John Lennon and Bob Dylan while adding his own modern take to tracks.

Here, with The Harpoons, Furman’s “Take Off Your Sunglasses” is a blast of fresh musical air, with a taste of harmonica throughout the tune and lyrics and vocals that are in a sense a punchier  “You’re Gonna Make me Lonesome When You Go” by Dylan.

Besides the catchy chorus ,which is sure to loop in listener’s head, what stands out is Furman’s songwriting ability and his delivery. Packing more words into just one verse than most words in a song’s entirety, Furman demonstrates that he can write as profoundly and truthfully as Dylan with such lyrics “I said in the middle of the night everybody loves everybody else in the middle of the day” and “I don’t want to think about things I don’t want to think about in the middle of the night in the middle of the day.”

Furman’s twangy vocals even draw comparisons to Dylan, but as many as there are young musicians who are trying to be the next Bob Dylan, Furman isn’t trying. On “Take Off Your Sunglasses” it just comes naturally. What has the potential to be repetitive and derivative comes off as new with Furman’s passion and innate talent. It’s not something one can learn, and that should be a lesson other musicians should take away from this track.

Insightful and quick witted, Furman makes listeners dig deep into themselves while showcasing a rapid fire style that Furman makes his own. With retro and modern elements, “Take Off Your Sunglasses” is one track that is not to be passed up.


  • Banging Down the Doors (2007)
  • Inside the Human Body (2008)
  • Mysterious Power (2011)
  • The Year of No Returning (2012)
  • Day Of The Dog (2013)

Official Website: http://ezrafurman.com/


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