Love for Love Song

19 Oct

You might know multiple daytime Emmy winner Scott Clifton for his work on soap operas such as General Hospital, One Life to Live, and The Bold and the Beautiful or from his popular youtube channel Theoretical Bullshit. But what many may not know is that Clifton is also a gifted musician.

“Love Song” is a nearly five minute ode to a girl and their complicated relationship. But what makes this song stand out in the sea of millions of singer/songwriter tracks is its lyrics.

//<p><a href=”″>Love Song</a> from <a href=””>Scott Clifton</a> on <a href=””>Myspace</a&gt;.</p>

Right from the start, Clifton evokes the imagery and verbose poetry that is reserved for some of the finest songwriters around. “At times it comes and goes again/an empire founded a whim/and is it less important that we were young/In years will I look back and miss/ the way that we made all of this a sanctuary that I would never change for anything”

It’s the type of writing that conjures up the likes of Cat Stevens, on such songs such as “Sad Lisa” and “Lady D’Arbanville” but with a Rob Thomas-esque vocal spin.

The added piano instrumentation playing side by side with guitar adds an air of whimsy to “Love Song” that is both mournful and hopeful. It is this mix of light and dark, along with Clifton’s knack for choosing the right words to showcase his emotions, which elevates this track beyond most introspective songs.

It could easily have been a song, on paper, that would work well for Cat Stevens and for Rob Thomas, with its ability to transcend time. But Clifton makes it his own by packing passion and delicacy into a love song that begs to be loved.

Girl Go Home (2014).

*Though Clifton has released a number of EP’s and LP’s, Girl Go Home, is the only one currently available for purchase*

Official Website:


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