V is for V V Brown

26 Oct

Like Amy Winehouse and Duffy , V.V. Brown delves into 60’s soulful pop on her song “Crying Blood.” But what separates this track from “Rehab” or “Mercy” is its sheer playfulness.

Though her more recent albums have shied away from retro influences and are more heavy handed, this tune, which appears on her 2009 debut album Traveling Like The Light, is full of fun lyrics, despite it’s dark content.

There’s a touch of surf rock here, laden with a heaping spoonful of novelty songs such as “ Monster Mash” and “Purple People Eater.” Not to dismiss “Crying Blood” as anything less than a well crafted pop song, but it does pack a novelty sound and punch. The chorus even resembles that of “ Monster Mash.”

But while those songs are broken out once a year at Halloween parties across the world, Brown is actually singing about a painful relationship and not an imaginary gaggle of monsters. In fact the lyrics can get quite depressing, as the title of the song suggests. “Obviously it is hard to see that sun will never shine when we are together/how can you be so ignorant to the fact that I’mma be in this pain forever.”

And Brown sings well, with the passion and soul of songstresses of decades passed with an electronic dotted background that brings “Crying blood” well into the present.

Still, with a chorus of gruesome imagery, the song would also be an appropriate way to ring in Halloween with all the brokenhearted ghouls of the world.

Discography: Traveling Like The Light (2009), Samson and Delilah (2013).

Official Website: http://www.vvbrown.com


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