Stay Awhile With The Appalachians

2 Nov

“Stay” by The Appalachians is the type of track that has retro subtleties with a modern punch. It shifts back and forth between delicate verses and a powerful and forceful chorus. And while most songs with contradicting sounds struggle to find the balance between the two, The Appalachians have hit their stride making it appear seamless

The driving guitar melody which remains throughout the entirety of “Stay,” the glue of the track if you will, has remnants of The Lovin’ Spoonful’s “You Didn’t Have to Be So Nice.” And it also has that same quietness and fragility.

But once the chorus crashes, like a musical tidal wave, the tune takes a commanding turn reminiscent of Stroke9’s “Little Black Backpack.” It’s loud and brash, the vocals hazier and harsher, making it a surefire attention grabber. What might come off as a lo-fi sleeper song suddenly wakes up and alerts listeners that “Stay” has something to say.

The chorus, with its brazen attitude also matches the urgency and desperation of the lyrics “I want you to stay/I need you right now.” Much credit goes to lead singer Adam Sutkiewicz who weaves in and out of softness and imposing sound with complete ease.

While it would easy to dismiss “Stay” as just another indie rock song, it’s small retro elements draws attention to the fact that when all is said and done The Appalachians, whether intentional or not, have the ability to draw on the past to create a modern work of art.

Discography: The Appalachians (2014).

Official Website:


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