Totally Tanlines!

16 Nov

With an emphasis on the electronic new wave sound of the 80’s, Tanlines brings “All of Me” a song that authentically sounds like it is from the past. But with one exception.

Though the larger part of the song has a New Order “Blue Monday” vibe, albeit a lot less heavy, moody, and dark, the chorus allows “All of Me” to enter into the modern world. It conjures up Foster the People’s “Pumped Up Kicks” and MGMT’s “Kids” with echoing voices and a lighter, airier feel.

Tanlines has its finger on the pulse of alternative from the past and the present and they meld the two brilliantly. Part of what bridges the two decades is the sporadic hand claps which give the song an easy, accessible, and timeless feel.

Many very successful bands have relied heavily on new wave music to catapult them to stardom such as the killers, for example. And while they also achieve the same effect, “All of Me” is more of a triumph than ever because in a sea of other imitations it comes off as the real deal. It fits in with what current radio stations are playing today, but it also isn’t farfetched to imagine hearing it on the radio back in the day. I cannot say that about the killers, who lean more towards the modern end of the spectrum.

Neither is better than the other, but for the sake of this blog, retro elements take precedence. So Bravo to Tanlines for creating authentic content that spans time.

Discography: Mixed Emotions (2012)

Official Website:


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