Spend The Night With Mini Mansions

23 Nov

Mini Mansions have released a cover of the early 1980’s Sparks song “Sherlock Holmes,” and it couldn’t have come at a better time with the BBC’s Sherlock a smash hit around the world.

And while the official single has its positive features distinguishing itself from the original by speeding up the tempo,  bringing in a Beatles-esque vocal showcase at times, and overall providing a sweeping and epic feel to a tune that originally was much more subdued, It is the live version, recently recorded in one take with one microphone  that I want to pay special attention to.

This version more accurately matches the speed of Sparks original. The bare bones instrumentation of only a piano and two guitars allows for a more delicate vocal performance from lead singer Michael Shuman who despite not being from England, handles himself at times as the John Lennon of the band.

The live version allows for a more haunting sound that suits “Sherlock Holmes” perfectly. And while the anthem quality is toned down a bit, the chorus still packs a punch that elevates the song, capturing some of what is produced on the official single.

You may be hearing “Sherlock Holmes” for the first time in your life through Mini Mansions, thinking the recent Sherlock obsession has spawned the track, or maybe you are already familiar with the original. In either case this live track is something that surely Sparks would be proud of, proving they are a band that one should keep their eyes on.


  • Mini Mansions (2010)
  • The Great Pretenders (2015)

Official Website: https://myspace.com/minimansionsmusic


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