Music To Occupy Your Mind

30 Nov

Right from the first few strums of the guitar, and lead singer Connor J O’Brien sighing, you can sense that there is something off about Villagers “Occupy Your Mind” in the best way possible.

Dark, industrial, and filled with electronic elements, “Occupy Your Mind” has an intense musical flavor of Bauhaus “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” in just a shorter format. It’s mysterious and unsettling, with a chorus that uses repetition as an under layer which also serves as the main desire of the tune.

O’Brien is smooth and yet mechanical, conveying a seedy energy that matches the heavy instrumentation which often sounds like the soundtrack to a horror video game which builds to a cacophony of sound right at the end of the track.

And while “Occupy Your Mind” certainly is delving into the gothic tunes of the 1980’s, it also has an element of The Doors “People Are Strange” to it, menacing and off-putting in a perfect marriage of era’s.

Let’s not forget the lyrics, which over the chorus are spoken and not sung, giving the song more of a creepy feeling.

“Well there’s a crack in the ceiling/And there’s a hole in the sky/And there’s a government warning/They don’t like our kind.”

To compare the song to a modern day band, it at times, delves into arctic monkey territory, but it is definitely its own being.

Discography: Becoming A Jackal (2010), Awayland  (2013).

Official Website:


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