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Top 10 Songs of 2014

28 Dec

Please enjoy my top 10 songs of 2014, featuring many of the artists covered here on Today’s Retro

Don’t Be Shy, Listen To These Boys

21 Dec

 Shy Boys masterfully recreate the sound of the 60’s on their track “Heart Is Mine.”

With drawn out vocals and pitch perfect harmonies, the tune evokes The Zombies in their heyday. A little bit “Time Of The Season” with a slightly foggy and hazy factor of “She’s Not There.” It comes off as a song that could honestly be mistaken for a b side of a Zombies single.

There is a mysterious element to the tune with its slow pace that is both psychedelic and trance-like. It sends listeners to another plane for just under three minutes. If you need to zone out and meditate, get your worries off your mind, this is the perfect song to put on.

While “Heart Is Mine” seems to be heavily influenced by the Zombies style of music, there is also a bit of The Beach Boys to be found here in the lo-fi sound and ease of vocals. In fact, one could say it is the impitome of modern lo-fi music. And while many lo-fi songs do successfully capture the feel of decades past,  Shy Boys do it so authentically and easily. that one wonders if they even realized what a treasure they had created and released onto the world.

Discography: Shy Boys (2014).

Official Website:

Here Are Adam Green And Binki Shapiro

14 Dec

There’s no questioning it. Adam Green and Binki Shapiro are this generation’s Lee Hazelwood and Nancy Sinatra a la “Some Velvet Morning” especially on their track “Here I Am.”

Shapiro and Green take turns gently letting their voices glide in an effortless manner over the verses. When the chorus emerges, both voices overlap each other, mimicking an up and down carousel motion.

The high timbre of Shaprio’s voice, with the low timbre of Green’s, also bring forth the musical chemistry Hazelwood and Sinatra had.

Each are equally the stars in “Here I Am”, neither outperforming the other, which sets a balance to the tune. They both compliment each other, at distinct different endings of the musical spectrum.

The calm and stillness of the tune, never venturing far from an indie – alternative ballad, also draws more comparison’s to “Some Velvet Morning,” even if that song had a more psychedelic feeling to it.

Listen to Nancy and Lee back to back with Green and Shapiro’s self titled album and prepare yourself to fall into a trance. It’s the perfect music you may want to put into a sleep playlist, because its effects are so easing.

“Here I Am” is the perfect example that duo’s still work in today’s popular culture, just like She & Him, by borrowing a page out of a back catalog of retro music.

Discography: Adam Green and Binki Shapiro (2013)

Official Website:

The Other Twin Peaks

7 Dec

With its ethereal beginnings, giving off a fanciful vibe, Twin Peaks set the 60’s throwback mood to its tune “Mirror Of Time.” Once the song really starts to move, with a jangle and sway of the guitar and drums keeping perfect dance rhythm, the 60’s sound comes into full view.

*Not Official Video*

The repeating hook has an eerily similar feel to Tommy James and the Shondells hit “Crimson And Clover”  albeit at a more rock n’ roll, merseybeat, pace. The melody at times matches “Crimson and Clover” beat for beat, but this Chicago based group bring more of a raw garage sound to the track than polished, creating a modern feel.

The guitars and vocals are fuzzy and hazy which add to the natural unearthed sound of Twin Peaks. “Mirror Of Time” sounds almost authentically 60’s, but its lo-fi qualities propel the tune into the modern world of music.

But make no mistake, “Mirror Of Time” has a universal appeal in that no matter what era the track evokes, it is over two minutes of foot tapping, body swaying, music.

This relatively new band is a force to be reckoned with as their latest album Wild Onion was recently named by NME magazine as one of the top 50 albums of 2014.

If you like what you hear in “Mirror Of Time” give the band a good listening to.

Discography: Sunken (2013), Wild Onion (2014).

Official Website: