Rock Dreams

4 Jan

There’s no doubt about it. “Wolves” by Dreamers sounds retro right from the first second. But that throwback element is more than just reminiscent of one decade. At first listen, there is a clear 80s new wave sound. But after a deeper, second listen, one can hear echoes of the 60s.

This track is a great companion song to “Victoria” by The Kinks. They both contain similar tempos and dark, rich, and powerful vocals by their respective lead singers. Oh yeah, and killer, almost anthem like choruses.

Like contemporary artists such as Neon Trees and The Vaccines, Dreamers know how to tap into several decades at once, bringing out the best in each. It is the type of song that can induce head banging and toe taping, but also contains a darker message.

“If you lie down with wolves you’ll learn how to howl” the chorus exclaims, and while we are busy singing along we may not notice how messed up the relationship centered in this track really is.

The breakdown showcases a variety of vocal stylings as well as an impressive, albeit short, guitar solo which ties everything back to the catchy chorus

Though the content is different, “Wolves” and “Victoria” really do make great listening companions. And shouldn’t every song have a little bit of The Kinks in them?

Discography: Dreamers (2014)

Official Website:


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