Let The Takeover Begin

11 Jan

Many artists have tried to create and produce songs that not only talk about sleep, but also mimic that action. It has never been done more brilliantly so than “I’m Only Sleeping” by The Beatles with its impeccable , spot on lyrics, and instrumentation that feel as if one is being dragged out of a deep slumber.

But here in modern times, The Takeover UK is attempting to give The Beatles a run for their money with “Sleep It All Away.”

It starts off very quietly with very little more than lead singer Nick Snyder’s voice and a guitar. In its simplicity lies the solemn and unadorned act of sleeping. The lyrics here, however, are about more than just drifting off at bedtime. Here, sleep is the act that keeps the singer safe from thinking about his relationship gone sour.

“Sleep  my favorite pastime/ The one thing keeping you off my mind”

So while the tune is less plainly about the act of sleeping, it perfectly encapsulates what catching some Z’s is like. The whole track builds up, from the minimal guitar to full on strings and horns which reflect dreaming. The horn solo in particular leads up to a crashing chorus, full blown, perhaps at the height of REM sleep stage.

It’s loud when it needs to be and then peters back out to a minimalist approach towards the end of the song.

At nearly six minutes long, “Sleep It All Away” is the ultimate modern day song to let your mind drift away to, while resting.

Discography: Running With The Wasters (2009).

Official Website:https://myspace.com/thetakeoveruk


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