It’s a Miracal

18 Jan

If you were to hear “Give Me A Chance” by The Miracals for the first time and think it was taken straight out of the jukebox of the 1950s, well it’s understandable.

The tune is a brilliant piece of pop-rock n roll that clocks in at just three minutes. Like many classic pop and rock songs from the past, The Miracals do not need much time to put their stamp on a song and make it worthy to a casual listener. It draws comparisons to “Old Spanish Town” by the Bell Notes and works from modern band A B & The Sea.

The innocent and simple lyrics such as “If you were my girl, I’d hold you so close and tell you take care” matches the impeccable light and fun vocals with pitch perfect harmonization. Remember that Weezer video that took place in Arnold’s? This is exactly the type of song that one could picture Potsie Webber and his band crooning to the girls at the restaurant.

Towards the end of the track the vocals become more aggressive, pushing the song more into a modern alternative feel, but it is clear where The Miracals true influences lie.

Discography: Hermosa E.P. (2010), Give Me A Chance E.P (2011), FRNZ (single) (2013).

Official Website:

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