The Wise Choice

15 Feb

The Staves, a  three piece act consisting of sisters Emily, Jessica, and Camillia Stavely-Taylor, have concocted a song straight from the folk spirit of the past on ”Wisely and Slowly.” With their immaculate and on point three piece harmonies, the group is like an all female version of Peter Paul and Mary.

With little to no instrumentation for the better part of the track, all attention focused on the vocal talents of the sisters, “Wisely and Slowly” could easily be compared to “Cruel War” by Peter, Paul, and Mary.” When heavier instrumentation, some guitars and drums, do come to play later in the tune, it helps to bring the song into modern times.

Still, the main focus is the past, and The Staves give off that old fashioned folk charm not simply with just their minimalist approach and haunting harmonies, but with their lyrics as well.

brother, you will never know

all the things I did for you many years ago

singer singing songs of pain

time may spin and years may pass the song is still the same

tender woman mourns a man

sits in silent sorrow with a bottle in her hand.

They seem to come out of another time long ago. A time when oral tradition was used as the main way to pass down stories. Beautiful, sad, and haunting, The Staves “Wisely and Slowly” will make one think they are at The Newport Folk Festival in the 60s.

Discography: Dead & Born & Grown  (2012), If I Was (2015).

Official Website:

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