Cross The Musical Bridge

1 Mar

“Coming Home” by Leon Bridges, which was just recently released, is a breath of fresh air in a sea of standard popular new releases. Right from the first note, it is clear that Bridges is channeling the musical stylings of the likes of Smokey Robinson and Sam Cooke.

This song in particular is reminiscent of Cooke’s “You Send Me,” in terms of tempo and pure soul, and “Sad Mood” in terms of lyrical content. It literally sounds as if it could have been coming out of a jukebox in the early 60s.

The lyrics are simple but never overly simplified. They clearly tell the story of a man who is in a melancholy state over the girl he has lost. It is a tale told over and over again in song, but to express it musically in a specific retro way in 2015 makes it sound new.

Bridges vocals are soulful and full of longing and maturity past his young age. He croons, wearing his heart on his sleeve, and makes “Coming Home” a track that can be enjoyed by many generations.

Discography: Coming Home E.P. (2015)

Official Website:


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