Best Kept Secret

8 Mar

Brass Bed “The Secret Will Keep You” is the equivalent of attending the circus. It’s a mixed grab bag with many different parts to keep one entertained.

The tune flips back and forth between gentle and soft vocals from lead singer Jonny Campos, and hazy psychedelic bare instrumentation to a rougher and more playful sound. It brings to mind Peter and Gordon “Lady Godiva” and Queen’s “Killer Queen” in the  harsher chorus.

But the vocals throughout sound more on the side of Peter and Gordon or John Lennon. It is a lengthy track that mimics a musical merry-go-round, as listeners are continually moved and shifted up and down between slow and mid tempo.

No matter what section of the song you are listening to, it is clear that Brass Bed is a fan of psychedelic music from the 60’s with a dash of the British Invasion.

All in all, you can’t go wrong with “The Secret Will Keep You.”

Discography: The Secret Will Keep You (2013).

Official Website:

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