Into The Wild

22 Mar

Andrew McMahon, most notably known for his work in Jack’s Mannequin and Something Corporate is branching out on his own and the result is a little slice of retro heaven.

“Rainy Girl” with its simple, earnest, and wishful lyrics bring forth to mind some of the Beatles finest work such as “Michelle” and “Blackbird.” And while “Rainy Girl” has an utterly sweetly Paul McCartney vibe to it, McMahon’s voice is unique enough, with a slight alternative note, to send the tune in a modern direction.

Having only a piano as the sole instrumentation for most of the track lends a nostalgic vibe to when singers just sat at a piano and belted out their tunes, wearing their hearts on their sleeves. Close your eyes and one can picture McMahon performing this on stage to a completely awe struck crowd.

Where the song sounds the most like a modern Beatles song, is when the chorus soars. “Sometimes when I’m falling in my dreams/I can feel you falling next to me.” There is even a “Real Love” vibe found here, in the sense that it is pure and from the heart.

Discography: Andrew Mcmahon In The Wilderness (2014).

Official Website:

So brave the wilderness and join Andrew McMahon on an incredible ride.


One Response to “Into The Wild”

  1. Sam August 20, 2015 at 12:48 am #

    How am I just now seeing that you covered Andrew?! LOVE!!!!

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