Spring Into Summer

29 Mar

Everything about “Summer Sun” by the Ruen Brothers screams a throwback from decades ago. But what stands out the most are the deep, rich, and dark vocals by lead singer Henry Stansall which bring to mind many artists both classic and modern such as Elvis, Chris Isaak, Franz Ferdinand, and Brandon Flowers.

But it is clear that this songs biggest inspiration comes from Roy Orbison, an artist that the duo cite as someone they look up to music wise. “Summer Sun” has a dash of “It’s Over” and “In Dreams” that carries on throughout the track.

Don’t be fooled by the sunny title, the song itself is anything but light and breezy, which matches the dangerous and rough but polished vocals. “Flowers hide, and she’ll hide until you are near, you make things clear” Stansall croons with impeccable delivery.

“Summer Sun” is delightfully retro, wearing its inspirations on its sleeve, but adds its own modern twist with unexpected instrumentation.

Commanding, with its attention grabbing vocals, and larger than life chorus, this is one track about summer that you won’t feel odd listening to all year long.

Discography: Point Dume E.P. (2015).

Official Website: https://www.facebook.com/ruenbrothers


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