Hang On To The Vinyl Skyway

5 Apr

“Hanging On” by The Vinyl Skyway, at first listen, is calming, thanks to on point harmonization, wispy and hazy vocals by lead singer Michael Hayes. If you close your eyes, and disregard the content of the song, one can sense a Beatles “Across The Universe” feel to it. Indie pop with a touch of psychedelic alternative infused within the track.

But unlike “Across The Universe,” this tune brings to life a sad and very real tale of a man, a relative of the band, who was attacked outside a club one night and suffered major injuries. The lyrics, straight out of the gate, do not shy away from the painful imagery.

“Who cut you down outside the bar/ with a steel blue pipe between his  arm/ it’s been almost thirteen weeks gone by/ who cut you down and left you cold?”

And while “Hanging On” recounts a horrific experience, it also sends a message of hope, like “Across The Universe” which holds on to its beliefs in an ever changing world. Hayes sings for his relative to “hang on.” It’s simple, and raw, and it comes across throughout the entire track.

So if you’re looking for a gentle melody with powerful lyrics, check out “Hanging On” and whatever it is that plagues your life, “wait a little longer” and just Hang On.

Discography:The Vinyl Skyway (2004), From Telegraph Hill (2007), Return Of The Dead Surfer (2013).

Official Website: http://www.vinylskyway.com/


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