Dream Love

10 May

With its slow pace and delicate, nearly broken, vocals Love Inks “ In My Dreams” is the stuff dream dreampop is made of.

This track is very bare bones in its minimal approach, slight instrumentation, a steady lone beat and lead vocalist Sherry Leblanc untouched, polished but raw talent on display, the tune has an 80s feel to it. Think The Motels “Only The Only”

It’s the sadness in Leblanc’s voice, a melancholy that is a match for Motel’s lead singer Martha Davis in “Only The Lonely.” It’s the pangs of mourning that hit you with lyrics such as these:

“Electric ghosts descend/falling with the wind/they live on canvas, not the wall/they disappear then fall”

There is a sense in both of these tracks, that there is a sorrowful feeling that is haunting the singers.

Crafted beautifully here by Love Inks, “ In My Dreams” is the type of dreampop that shifts to the moody side while still sounding pristine and beautiful.

Because out of sadness can come the most beautiful songs.

Discography: E.S.P. (2011) Generation Club (2013), Exi (2014)

Official Website: http://www.loveinks.com/


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