Rockin’ Tyrants

17 May

Get out of your seat! It’s time to dance! Right out of the gate, with an eleven second rollicking intro that is full of electric guitar wails, listeners will know that What Tyrants “Muffins” is here to get the party started.

The guitar heavy track is loud and crashing, brazen and full of bursting energy. Garage rock? You betcha. Besides the fast paced instrumentals, lead singer Sean Schultz growls and yelps with the best of them. A fuzzed out vocal performance that overall completes the infectious nature of the track.

But while “Muffins” would be considered garage rock by any standards, there are some elements of pop rock to it. The general guitar riff brings to mind the basis for Blondie’s “One Way or Another.” Yet that may be an element that not everybody would catch. Put the two tunes side by side and the comparison becomes more apparent.

“Muffins” rocks and packs a punch in under three minutes, standard of many garage rock songs. But by God, if you aren’t up and dancing or at least tapping your toes by the time the song is done, you may need to reconsider your life choices.

Discography: No Luck (2015).

Official Website:


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