There’s a New Lord in Town

24 May

“Louisa” by Lord  Huron is delectably retro in a way that checks off many echoes spanning the 1980s

Most notably, the track has a strong 80s Bruce Springsteen vibe, from the jangling instrumental undercurrent, to the register of lead singer Ben Schneider’s voice. But even the melody and the impeccable storytelling lyrics have Springsteen written all over them. Springsteen’s 1980 song “I Wanna Marry You” comes to mind, with the falsetto of “Sad Eyes.”

“Louisa’s” chorus is spellbinding with Schneider reaching effortlessly up into his upper register. It’s the type of note expected from The Beach Boys, but here it is presented in a way that would make “Wicked Game” singer Chris Issak proud. That track, which was released in 1989 definitely shares a thing or two in common with “Louisa.”

A track that is a fusion of what it might sound like if Springsteen and Issak got together to write a song, Lord Huron’s “Louisa” is a tune that with its infectious melody will leave an impression on listeners for a long time.

Discography: Lonesome Dreams (2012), Strange Trails (2015)

Official Website:


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