Go West!

7 Jun

With its wailing electric guitar and pounding drum intro, Western Plaza’s “Change Reaction” sends a jolt of electricity to listeners. Like a wave crashing upon a surfer, the tune catapults itself to true surf rock fashion, rollicking and rolling in and out between high energy almost punk moments, to calmer musical waters.

*ignore wrong title on youtube video*

It would be hard to discuss “Change Reaction” and not mention the pioneers of the genre that are the Beach Boys, so here’s the mention. The tune shows some resemblance to the hit “409” and lead singer Michael Blackwell wears his Brian Wilson sounding vocals on his sleeve. But this track is more experimental.

More than halfway through “Change Reaction” the instrumental solo, a rarity these days, chugs along at a much slower pace, adding some depth and texture to the song. But before listeners can get too comfortable to the new tempo, it perks back up to speed to finish off the song.

Discography: Western Plaza (2015)

Official Website: https://www.facebook.com/westernplazaband

If you are looking for artist to define the summer of 2015, Western Plaza is it and “Change Reaction” is the perfect song that encapsulates all the retro goodness the band brings to the table.


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