Go East!

14 Jun

Clocking in at just under seven minutes, yes seven minutes, East India Youth’s “Hearts That Never” is a blast of electronica pop. Beeps and Boops and tickling synth runs make up the backbone of the track. And while it is definitely modern there are some retro elements to the song.

William Doyle, who is the mastermind behind East India Youth, meshes 80’s goth rock with The Police’s “Don’t Stand So Close To Me” which is heard in the melody of Doyle’s vocals. It is hard to imagine it not being influenced by that particular Police track.

And it is here where “Hearts That Never” really put a spotlight on the throwback nature of the song. However there are more electronic runs, and distorted backtracks then there are vocals. It’s not a bad thing, it is just the nature of the genre that defines it.

It is the kind of song that is made for dance clubs, spinning as club goers find themselves in a musical trance. It could work as a tune released in the 80s but it also works in this modern age just as easily.

Discography: Total Strife Forever (2014), Culture of Volume (2015).

Official Website: http://eastindiayouth.co.uk/


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