Better Than Fiction

28 Jun

A gentle almost lullabye strumming of a guitar opens Summer Fiction’s “By My Side.” It is this instrumentation which makes up the groundwork of the entire song. The base that is set for Bill Ricchini to work his retro magic.

Imagine something James Taylor could have concocted mixed with a bittersweet feeling, thanks to the simplistic guitars and Ricchini’s quiet and soothing voice. The song that comes to mind which holds its weight next to “By My Side” is Simon and Garfunkel “April Come She Will.”There is a soft and comforting sense to the song like “April Come She Will” while they both contain melancholy lyrics sure to relate to many listeners.

Ricchini channels Paul Simon here in his vocals, never straining to reach a high note, keeping the entire tune in a very comfortable range. It is effortless and that is part of what makes “By My Side” so easy to listen to. Some may even classify the track as easy listening, but there is no mistaking the 60s pop folk influences here.

The perfect song to listen to before bed, or lying in the dark, pillows stained with tears, “By My Side” will give you all the feels in all the right ways.

Discography: Summer Fiction (2011). Himalaya (2015).

Official Website:


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