Limboo Rock

12 Jul

The Limboos “What I’m saying” right from the very first seconds of the electric guitar wailing, has nailed the type of rock n’ roll some musicians strive their whole career to pay tribute to. Hailing from the first decade of rock, the 1950s, the tune is evocative of some of the very best like Chuck Berry, for example on “School Days.”

And while this sounds authentically retro, and could earnestly be mistaken for a tune from the 50’s, there is also some modernity to the track thanks in part to the raw and edgy vocals. This is not to say there were not vocal performances like this in the 50s. Of course there was. Rock thrived on that. But we are seeing a resurgence of this type of gritty vocal styling paired with 50s rock sensibilities. Think The Strypes, but with more of a throwback makeup.

When people complain that the golden years of music have gone by, bring up bands like The Limboos and tracks like “What I’m Saying”and let them know that quality music, good old fashioned rock n roll exists…you just have to do some heavy digging to unearth the magic.

Discography: Space Mambo (2014).

Official Website:


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