Rock n’ Roll With Reuben and the Dark

2 Aug

If you couldn’t guess from the bands name, Reuben and the Dark, have an undercurrent of darkness that run through “Rolling Stone.”

While there is no mistake that there is an aura of alternative folk rock, almost a Death Cab For Cutie or The Lumineers vibe, one cannot ignore the ripples of a seedy underbelly that is found throughout. The tune also bares some resemblance to Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds “Sugar,Sugar,Sugar” especially at the catchy chorus which is not surprisingly gritty.

The heavy, pounding instrumentation also help to bring a veil of darkness to the song as well as a chanting that can be heard midway through the track building up to a crashing denoument that moves listeners away from the folk aspect and more into the alternative category before leaving the audience with the more simple folk feeling.

Lyrics also help to foster the gloomy feel of the song “I said I don’t wanna die in the middle of the city so they wrote it on my headstone,” lead singer Reuben Bullock delivers with a perfect air of despair.

A mashup of different genres and different eras of music, “Rolling Stone” will appeal to a large range of listeners.

Discography: Funeral Sky (2014)

Official Website:


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