Tell Me More

9 Aug

Anthony Priwer’s “Tell Me” harkens back to the days of love ballads from the 50s and 60s in all the right ways.

Though the tune might share some resemblance to Bobby Vee’s “Raining in my Heart” originally sung by Buddy Holly, Priwer’s vocals are more akin to Neil Sedaka. And with comparisons like that how could one go wrong?

The trickling of the piano is playful throughout the track and stands out as Priwer croons and sings from the heart. There is a purity to Priwer’s voice that matches “Tell Me” innocent and simple lyrics. It’s the type of song that one might think is a cover of a 50s track, it sounds that authentic.

Full of heart Priwer comes across as earnest and “Tell Me” comes across as a boy next door in love kind of song. The lyrics help to foster this image “tell me if you love me too, any man would fall for you.” Priwer only wants one thing. For the girl he loves to tell him she loves him too. It’s the simplest of stories to tell in song format, but also the sweetest and maybe even the most classic which makes “Tell Me” fit right in with the Bobby Vee’s and Neil Sedaka’s of the music world.

Discography: Time To Stop Dreaming (2015)

Official Website:


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