Give Me a Sweet Cover

16 Aug

Jim Adkins of Jimmy Eat World is stepping out on his own, and is doing so with the help of The Everly Brothers.

Covering “Give Me a Sweetheart,” Adkins version holds the same sweetness of the original but comes off fuller and more gritty. You can tell it is a song rooted in the past,in what some might call a gentler decade, by Adkin’s harmonies, and of course the original lyrics. But while the Everly Brothers version comes off as more quiet and shy in vocals and instrumentation, Adkins brings the tune into 2015 with a his own twist of modernity.

His vocals are louder and stronger which come off as more urging and there is a distorted background instrumentation that starts off right from the beginning and ends with a static that kicks up the level of modernity and edge of Adkins take on the song.

It is a bit more brash, but still retains the same message of the original, just with a bit more force. Staying true to the Everly Brothers, Adkins voice sails and soars effortlessly helping to maintain the sound that the Everly Brothers were going after.

Discography: I Will Go E.P. (2015)

Official Website:


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