Music For Any Hour

23 Aug

Jack + Eliza’s delightful “Quarter Past the Hour” is a melancholy songwriter’s fantasy complete with an all around 60s sound. The simple and bare bones instrumentation throughout the verses help duo Jack Staffen and Eliza Callahan strut their vocal harmonies to pitch perfect sounds. By the time the lush and dreamy chorus rolls around one can’t help but get lost in the mama and papa’s nature of it all.

Make no mistake, “Quarter Past the Hour” definitely sounds modern, especially when an electric guitar solo springs into action, jolting listeners a bit out of the hazy tune. Think of the song as something She & Him would record, but with both partners of the group contributing equally together on vocals. The song has strong shades of the Mama and the Papa’s “Monday, Monday” but also sounds like something Carole King could have written and sang on Tapestry.

If you’re in the mood to zone out and just let a song take you on a trance like journey, “Quarter Past the Hour” is just the track for you.

Discography: Gentle Warnings (2015).

Official Website:


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