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30 Aug

There is no mistaking that Jaill’s “Chocolate Poison Time” has traces of the 60s throughout the song. With simple instrumentation that allows lead singer Vinnie Kircher to shine, the tune sails smoothly along the lo fi musical landscape. Kircher’s voice is light and airy at times but also carries depth and weight.

The song is just over five minutes long, but it never feels dragged out. It’s what you expect from music of this genre. There are some comparisons that could be made to Left Banke’s “Ivy Ivy,” in the tenderness of both lead singer’s vocals and the ethereal factor on both tracks, but “Chocolate Poison Time” is definitely a modern song.

It is the type of track that could easily and mistakenly be categorized as background music, something that is left on while one completes chores and tasks. But left as background music, listeners would miss the lyrical content which propels the tune to the forefront. “Chocolate Poison Time” sounds sweet and mellow, but there are some crude lyrics that juxtapose the overall sound displaying an odd but delightful balance.

Discography: Cranes (2004), That’s How We Burn (2010), Traps (2012), There’s No Sky (Oh My My) (2013), Brain Cream (2015)

Official Website: http://www.jailljaill.com/


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