Strut Your Stuff!

13 Sep

The Struts are making quite a name for themselves recently in the U.S. with their retro infused single “Could Have Been Me.” If you haven’t heard the song before, let me introduce you. It’s an alternative rock pop anthem that is made for an arena.

Lead singer Luke Spiller is getting comparisons to Queen’s Freddie Mercury and they are well deserved. The way Spiller alternates between pure rock in his voice, edgy, spilling onto the chorus with a burst of energy that just radiates from throughout is a thing of pure joy is refreshing to the ear

It’s like a combination of “We Will Rock You” at times in its catchiness, foot stomping chorus, and more subtle verses a la part “Bicycle Race”

The retro influences are worn proud on The Struts sleeve, and the Queen comparisons only continue beyond the music with Spiller’s flamboyant glam rock presence. “Could Have Been Me” is an anthem for all those who want to live their lives to the fullest, a concept most will have an easy time relating to.

The lyrics are simple and that is what part of what makes the song so infectious, but the little touches The Struts put into the song, from handclaps to Spiller’s rolling pronunciations, makes “Could Have Been Me” an electrified tune that any retro rock enthusiast will fall head over heels for.

Discography: Have You Heard EP (2015).

Official Website:


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