No Longer a Stranger

27 Sep

At first it seems like Charles Perry’s “Stranger to Love” has nothing in common with retro themes. Perry’s voice is quiet and unassuming, and when the chorus strikes up he takes things up a notch with belting vocals over an electronic background.

But pay attention closely, especially to that catchy chorus and you may hear some similarity to some other well known tunes. It’s a bit Elton John “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” in its melody with a bit of Roxy Music’s “More Than This.” But it is abundantly clear that this tune is rooted in the present.

What starts off as a singer/songwriter track erupts into more of a dance hall type of song. The changes in tempo, from slow to fast, make it the type of track one might expect to hear at the top of the charts. Perry’s voice is both delicate, folk-like, and powerful. He’s also got a lot of soul in him, something akin to Stevie Wonder when he hits his high register.

While “Stranger to Love” may not be outright retro inspired, the fact that one can still find the throwback elements in the song make it an updated retro fun experience.

Discography: The Soul Superhero (2015)

Official Website:


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