A Wicked Cover

4 Oct

“Wicked Game” by Chris Isaak, is a haunting, seductive tune that is still relevant and reaches listeners souls, despite it being released in 1989.

Now in 2015, season seven American Idol winner David Cook is serving up his own rendition that is haunting in a different but just as effective way.

With a simple piano chord as the only instrumentation besides Cook’s voice, Cook manages to strip “Wicked Game” to its bare essence. All attention is on the vocal performance and the lyrics showcasing what a genius song it is to begin with.

There are some echoed voices and muffled electronic sounds that help to bring the tune into the modern era, a little more edgy with Cook’s rock influence, slowed down and a bit industrial feeling. But the nature of the track is still intact.

Already a gut wrenching song, Cook manages to cut deeper into the heart by pulling away the lush instrumentation of the original. It’s the type of cover one would expect of the man who made it his “thing” to radically turn other people’s songs on their heads on American Idol.

The most intimate and satisfactory moment comes at the final lines of the track. Cook’s voice is raw and shaky, almost spoken, as we return back to the simple piano chords. It’s soul crushing and will break your heart in a way that you never realized “Wicked Game” could.

Official Website: http://www.davidcookofficial.com/

Discography: David Cook (2008,) This Loud Morning (2011), Digital Vein (2015)


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