Musical Thunder

11 Oct

You may not have heard of the band Thunderbitch, but there’s a good chance you have heard of their lead singer Brittany Howard, from Alabama Shakes. This is her more rock n’ roll, attitude for miles, side project with a retro feel. The song “Very Best Friend” encapsulates a sound that comes across as something that is a harder rock version of The Cars “Best Friend’s Girl,” especially when it hits the chorus. It’s a bit less conventional as it is not a straight up top 40 pop song, but you can still hear hints of The Cars in this track, propelling it to a throwback vibe that is hard to ignore.

Howard is also full of spit fire delivery and sass, almost a more amped up version of Bob Dylan’s phrasing. It’s 60s meets 80s meets 2015. In fact it’s a song that defies a decade. Years from now it will be hard for people to place what year “Very Best Friend” actually came out in because it crosses so many time periods seamlessly.

It’s refreshing to see Howard let loose even more on this track, still soulful. There’s a fire in Howard that just continues to grow and whether she is singing with Alabama Shakes or on a more retro sounding tune with Thunderbitch it is clear she is having a blast

Discography: Thunderbitch (2015)

Official Website:


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