Lean On Telekinesis

25 Oct

Telekinesis “Lean on Me” is the perfect track that blends indie music with a retro element. Right away, lead singer Michael Benjamin Lerner, reminds listeners of The Shin’s type of music. Light and lo-fi. But there is an ever present throwback element, think the early Beatles, especially in the rollicking chorus that has quite a guitar jangle to it. When Lerner croons “lean on me anytime” it recalls the Beatles “All You’ve Got To Do” lyrics in a sense.There are also shades of Gerry and the Pacemakers “ Away From You”

Both the verses and the chorus blend into each other seamlessly. It’s impossible not to hear the honest and sweetness of “Lean on Me” which also contributes to the 60s feeling of the tune. The instrumentation is simple and never outshines Lerner.  A retro tune with a bit of west coast flair to it, “Lean on me” is also a very feel good, happy kind of tune. Just a little ditty that can brighten anyone’s day. And as it is often the case, it is in these simple tracks that the best retro songs with a modern influence are found.

Discography: Telekinesis (2009), 12 Desperate Strange Lines (2011), Dormarion (2013), AD Infinitum (2015).



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