Spirit of Retro!

1 Nov

With the sound of rain splashing throughout “My Poor Stupid Heart” by Sweet Spirit, the tone is set up for one masterfully crafted retro heartache song.

Minimal instrumentation, whistling and some rattles let lead singer Sabrina Ellis shine vocally. The harmonizing featured in the track, as well as the content, is on par with The Everly Brothers, specifically “Brand New Heartache.”

It is quiet and unassuming but also packs quite a punch, from the blunt title to the twangs of sporadic electric guitar at the end of the song. In the same vein as many heartbreak ballads of the 50s and 60s one can see the retro influences plain and clear. There’s a Ronnie Spector feel in Ellis’ voice, strong but easy on the ears, but also a female Everly Brothers take.

The different and more unusual varying instruments come together to form a cohesive piece and help make the track all that more memorable. It’s not something you hear every day, not even in the retro inspired community. With simple, relatable, lyrics, Ellis’ spot on vocals, and original instrumentals (not to mention that rain) “My Poor Stupid Heart” has positioned itself as one of the top songs of 2015.

Discography: Sweet Spirit (2015).

Official Website: https://www.facebook.com/sweetspirittheband/


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