Crooked Notes

22 Nov

“Crooked Cop” by Beverly is a tune that is subtly retro. The light twang of the guitar sets up the rest of the track that has hints of the 80s, but never so blatantly that it overpowers or distracts listeners from the superb song.


With its dreamy, lush, vocals it is a bit reminiscent of the feeling listeners get listening to Roxy Music’s “More Than This.” It has a jangle to it in its instrumentation, and the lead singer switching off between her higher and lower registers helps the comparison to “More Than This” become even clearer.

But the vocals alone also have a wispy feeling to them, think the Bangels “Hazy Shade of Winter.” There’s no doubt about it that this song has the 80s written all over it. The track itself is about a relationship that is like a crooked cop in that it isn’t what it seems. The world is not black and white, sometimes what appears to be good is actually hiding an ugly interior, and that makes the world very grey which I believe this track is exploring.

If you’re looking for good modern made indie pop that fits in today’s music world, but also could comfortably find its home on an 80s hour on a popular radio station, check out “Crooked Cop,” and be delightfully satisfied.

Discography: Careers (2014).

Official Website:



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