Back to San Francisco

6 Dec

“San Francisco Bay” by the band Palmas has a little bit of everything for retro music enthusiasts. With a spoken word introduction, as if a DJ is announcing the song on the radio, it starts the track on a throwback vibe that continues all throughout the tune.

It has a lo-fi hazy feel to it, with its acoustic guitar and little to nothing else for instrumentation. The minimal approach lends itself nicely to the song. Imagine it being sung around a bonfire at the beach late on a summer night. You can almost picture someone serenading their special someone with this magical tune.

The shades of retro run deep here, it has some resemblance to Buddy Holly’s “Girl On My Mind,” but also has a bit of a Beach Boys surf rock feel as well as Sam Cooke soulful one. The layers of decades past don’t stop there. The vocals are modern and fresh but also have a hint of John Lennon to them.

It’s got the 50s and 60s written all over it, as well as a summer vibe. But no matter the season “San Francisco Bay” is surely a tune that you can play all year long and get lost in its sound.

Discography: To The Valley (2015)

Official Website:


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