Fall into Barna Howard

13 Dec

Barna Howard is a fresh sounding voice in today’s landscape that has an old school vibe. “I Don’t Fall Much Anymore” is nothing short of a masterpiece right from the start with Howard’s expert storytelling ability and a voice that begs to be compared to Bob Dylan.

This is what folk music is about ladies and gentleman. Acoustic guitar, earnest lyrics, a simple melody, and a pure voice. It sounds a bit like Dylan’s “Blowin’ In The Wind” in the best possible way. Both songs are poetic and glide smoothly through the folk landscape. What makes “I Don’t Fall Much Anymore” such a stunning retro feat is the simplicity in the tune. It doesn’t try to be retro, it simply is with its honesty and the way Howard wears his heart on his sleeve.

It’s the type of song that you want to listen to while curled up with a cup of tea watching the rain fall. Emotions run high in this track both from Howard and from you as a listener as this is a track that begs you to sympathize with Howard while also relate to him and his situation. There’s a universal feeling to “I Don’t Fall Much Anymore,” and that is part of why it makes it so easily retro folk.

Discography: Barna Howard (2013), Quite a Feelin’ (2015).

Official Website: http://www.barnahoward.com/


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