Nothing to Lose, Everything to Gain

3 Jan

“Nothing to Lose” by Andrew Combs, from the very first notes sounds as if it was from a different era, but it is not until Combs begins to sing that we can make a connection to what era that is.

With his sweet and mellow voice, that glides along effortlessly on the track, and an easy listening vibe the song is very much in the same vein as Harry Nilsson’s late 60s hit “Everybody’s Talkin.” The instrumentation which is full, but also carries a simple air to it, fits Combs perfectly and allows his vocals to shine.

Easy Listening music often gets made fun of in today’s world, but there is nothing to laugh about here. It’s sincere as Combs wears his heart on his sleeve, letting listeners fully take on his singer songwriter and storyteller abilities. It’s pleasant to the ears and is a great song to put your head back and relax to but it is still filled with plenty of substance.

There’s an overwhelmingly sense of sadness and loneliness here, which is perfectly captured by Combs and makes the track relatable to listeners. The song is magical and bittersweet on its own, but once you hear the throwback Nilsson element to it, “Nothing to Lose” becomes all the more genius.

Discography: Worried Man (2012), All These Dreams (2015).

Official Website:


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