Become a Lover

10 Jan

Rosie and the Goldbugs “Lover” comes out the gate bursting with 80s energy. The tune could easily have been an addition to The Go Go’s debut album. It has the same infectious feeling as many of The Go Go’s tracks, but especially “Skidmarks on my Heart.” Nobody can deny the catchy pop melody and upbeat energy. One can just imagine a teenage girl getting ready for a date dancing around her room to “Lover.”

Rosie and the Goldbug may not be an all girl band, but frontwoman Rosie Vanier has enough of girl power in her to make it sound like one. There’s definitely a retro 80s feel to the tune and much of that has to do with the simple instrumentation and Vanier’s coy voice. She comes across as both innocent and edgy at the same time as she sings “I want your touch,” and Vanier pulls that edge of womanhood element effortlessly.

Besides a pounding guitar a piano solo towards the end of the track helps separate it from other uptempo pop tunes. It’s not a delicate solo but one that is full of force and elevates “Lover” from a standard pop song to one that is not merely good to dance to but one that also has some substance.

Discography: Rosie and the Goldbug (2008).


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