Get In Trouble

24 Jan

Lizzie Cuevas and her band Teens in Trouble are delivering lo fi songs with a 60s girl group mixed with 90s grunge edge. The single “Santa Monica” in its pure vocals and fun melody can be compared to The Angels “I Adore Him.” There’s also a lot of similarities to the band Best Coast who have mastered this genre, simple rhyming scheme and blending eras as well but “Santa Monica” stands out on its own as something welcoming. While not groundbreaking, it’s a pleasure to hear more girl fronted bands in the style of Best Coast emerge


“This is the place that I call home/And I can count on never being alone” Cuevas sings, and even though she says that she has the beach and the sun, it’s still not her ideal location, Santa Monica. She paints the picture of Santa Monica so clearly that one can’t help but feel like they are there, or at least will want to book a trip there soon.

The song has so many strengths from its simple structure to Cuevas vocal performance which has a wistful and longing feeling. The chorus is downright infectious and will be stuck in listeners head after the first listen, and there is even a tiny bit of surf rock at times in the instrumentation. One of the aspects of “Santa Monica” that works so well here is the ability Cuevas has for being cheerful even when her voice is a little sad. This mixture is served up perfectly and captures what it is like to miss a place one loves dearly. It’s the perfect summer song to add to your playlist in 2017, or listen to it now and imagine it’s already summer.

Discography: “Santa Monica” single (2015)

Official Website:




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